Joshua Tree (Film)

My roommate and I went to Joshua Tree for Thanksgiving. Despite rainy weather, I managed to shoot some films on my Mamiya 645 camera. Note that I have yet post-processed these photos and they are just previews, hope you guys enjoy.

I shot the black and white on Fujifilm Acros 100. Its excellent resistance against reciprocity failure allows me to make long exposure in a reasonable amount of time (15 minutes, f/4). Still, most of them went underexposed. I will try to fix them during post processing.

The color photos are shot on Velvia 50, a color reversal film. As you can see the color mask is pretty severe across all of the photos (which I believe is normal in color reversal film). Also they are extremely tricky to get the exposure right due to low dynamic tolerance whem compared to b&w films.

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  1. Looks great, although I don’t really understand it. btw do you take portraits?

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